Adding Texture to Interior Design
Texture is crucial to quality interior design. It creatively disrupts monochromatic palettes. It links complementary pieces and patterns.
Texture adds depth and dimension. Texture invites the eye, soothes the touch, and warms the room.
Texture balances the room because the eye follows it. It can embellish a corner, add interest to the ceiling or floor, and draw attention to the center, the furniture, or the seating.
It softens sharp edges or roughens flat surfaces. Texture catches light and offers warmth and comfort.
* Consider the Galjour. Twelve 40-watt bulbs light this large chandelier at 32-inches in diameter and 40-inshes from the ceiling.
Layers of textured glass panels hang in random pattern and tiers from its polished nickel ceiling mount and stem.
Legendary Murano glass adds a classic touch to this pendant with roughened glass rectangles. They catch and share the light from the center to add make its sleek modern design right for any room.
Hung above a dining table it will reflect from mirrors and brighten dark wall treatments. In a dramatic bath, it adds contemporary feel to sleek modern finishes.
* The Costa, on the other hand, brings innovative design in function and form to your décor. Totally untraditional, fully unique, and sculptured to amaze, the Costa is as much a work of contemporary art as it is a lighting fixture.
Hanging 5-feet from the ceiling, 28-inches in diameter, and 40-inches front to back, Costa is an assemblage of discs. Discs vary in size and each has ringed surfaces. The discs and polished nickel surfaces reflect and enhance the light from small bulbs secreted on the lamp’s center shaft.
A lamp this size would greet visitors in a tall entry way. It would capture the attention hanging in a corner. Or, it could dramatically highlight a room favoring metallics and reflective surfaces.
* Textured linen is the trick to making Trenton warm. A small lamp at 14-inches long, 8-inches wide, and 14-inches high, it has one 40-watt bulb hidden rectangle of faux linen.
The lantern-like fixture is finished in oil-rubbed antique bronze with acrylic panes. But, the linen breaks up the geometric forms and angles. You can picture the Trenton hung in a series over a bar or along a staircase or hallway.
* Theron hangs flush to the ceiling. A circular plate of powder-coated, oil-rubbed bronze holds 19 40-watt bulbs. Fill the 24-inch diameter and 12-inche high fixture.
Each bulb sits within a shaft of textured seeded glass. Each shaft has an irregular shape that adds visual warmth and casual charm to an otherwise contemporary design. This circle full of light brings texture and novelty to a powder room, private dressing room, or walk-in closet.
Adding texture to interior design
Faux linen, asymmetrical shapes, seeded glass, daring discs, these design elements on their own and in combination add texture where design calls for it.