In the years following World War II, the U.S. enjoyed a period of unprecedented prosperity. Veterans returned from the war to new housing, flashier cars, and a world of new appliances to make like easier than remembered before the war.
The country also saw the greatest redistribution of population and demographics that it had ever experienced. More people were working at new sorts of jobs for relatively good money. And, that boosted the economy for a generation to come.
The enthusiasm, confidence, and discovery also showed up in the world of design creating furniture, appliances, and interior décor consistent with a new world vision.

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern

In the last few years of this century, people have reclaimed and restored elements of the Mid-Century design. As people find their personal economics improving, they still remember the major recession that began this century.
So, they are returning to values in functionality, simplicity, and geometric:
* Form follows function in furniture, lighting, and accents.
* With open-space floor plans, sleek uncluttered lines and silhouettes rule.
* Fluff and ornamentation have no function, so they have no place in this décor.
* If functional, the design agenda includes mixed and matched pieces from other eras.
* And, Mid-Century interior design juxtaposed various and contrasting materials, some genuine synthetic, including Lucite, Plexiglass, and vinyl as well as wood, glass, and metals.
The Rhome light fixture is a perfect example of art and function adding to Mid-Century Modern lighting .
Factory style joints link the delicate looking arms. Those arms extend at apparently random angles, a sculpture that seems industrial and nostalgic at once. Bulbous filament globes perch delicately at the end of each arm.
Organic retro design floats 44-inches across and 25-inches high above a room where it complements and clashes with retro fabrics, cabinetry, and furniture.
The acid finished black metal and glass offers diffused and ambient light. Sleek, clean, and functional, Rhome is the essence of Mid-Century Modern.
The Sahan light fixture drips and dangles more than hangs from its base. It unfolds for 69-inches from the ceiling and appears to fold and unfold at will. You can call it a chandelier or a pendant, but it’s really a piece of sculpture to light and highlight a tall foyer, winding staircase, or a corner just for fun.
Gold metallic, matte black, and plenty of glass, it hinges and unhinges in asymmetrical tiers of retro globes brightened by small bulbs. Sleek, striking, and what a topic of conversation, a Mid-Century Modern masterpiece!

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