Earthy Shades of Clay

Earthy Shades of Clay
There is something warm and cozy in earth tones. Terracotta, clay, desert rose, rust, umber, and more, earth shades add highlights and interest to rooms.
Light fixtures often capture that charm. Just consider the effects of these three examples of contemporary lighting design.


This stunning retro lamp is 28.5 inches high, but it hangs on a chain as long as you want to highlight a tall narrow stairway, a formal foyer, or any room where you want its features.
Tall glass cylinders rise from an antique bronze platform to a matching frame at the top. Each ribbed cylinder surrounds a 40-watt candle. The effect has light filing the shafts and reflecting from the bronze stem at the center.
Graceful, sleek, nostalgic, and lantern-like, the Caz pendant will mix and match with any clay interior.


This chandelier is a decorative highlight for any bedroom, dressing room, or dining room. With arms stretching across 32.25-inches and hanging 40.5-inches from the ceiling.
Fairmont hangs from delicately curved glass elements joined by a globe at the middle. A glass bowl at the bottom holds eight graceful, arched, ribbed glass arms. Each supports a light covered by a classic white shade.
Fairmont has no earth tones, but it will brighten a room filled with clay-colored walls or floors. It will brighten a corner or bring a trendy but classic touch to any room. You can see it adding an elegant coziness to your romantic bedroom or luxury bath.


This eye-catching centerpiece hangs some 40-inches from the ceiling. A large shade hides six 40-watt bulbs. Sleek and modern, it’s simple architecture is marked by a cluster of glass balls pouring from the center.
Those glass “raindrops” catch and reflect the light from within the fabric shade to add a touch of magic to a strikingly modern design. The bright white lamp, the brushed nickel surface, and the cascade of glass bulbs makes this a perfect fixture to a room darkened with earth colors. It’s just enough to offset the warm and cozy with something uniquely modern.
Earthy shades of clay remain a big interior design trend for the year. Painted walls, furniture fabrics, throws and rugs make surroundings warm and comfortable. But, they can also darken a room where lighting fixtures like these can make a difference.