Contrast marks every award-winning interior design. Contrasting textures, color, and patterns make environments interesting and inviting.
Contrast engages the eyes and tempts visitors to touch and feel the differences. Sometimes, it’s a matter of mixing and matching. Other times, it means introducing something bold and different.
The design secret comes with balance. If the contrasting materials get too busy, for example, the appearance taxes eyes and distracts perception. It tires rather than interests. It confuses more than engages.
But, the best-planned rooms will balance the elements catching and directing attention. These pendant lighting fixtures mix materials magically and integrate well with the best thought out rooms.


A dramatically simple black silk shade has a gold foil interior. Breaking up the drama are thin rods in powder coated, oil-rubbed bronze rods. Six hidden 40-watt bulbs send light down each rod to illuminate tiny glass globes at their tips in this mixed material pendant.
At 32-inches across and 40-inches high, Isla is a large pendant that still makes a surprise impression. You might hang yours above a formal dining room or a comfortable sitting room. Or, you could place it off-center above a corner furniture cluster.


Linen shades add muted color and texture to a vintage design in this mixed material pendant. Artisanal matte white ceramic shades give a warm glow and bring a modern spin to a classic look.
This beauty hangs 40-inches below the ceiling, and it spreads elegantly across a dramatic 40-inches.
Maison is charming, cozy, and complete with mixed textures, elements, and materials. Eighteen arms reach out to hold 40-watt candle bulbs. The Maison will be a subtle attraction in a contemporary bath or an escape to a “she-shack.”


This mixed material pendant weighs 76-pounds and needs professional installation. Your electrician might also attach this beauty to a dimmer switch.
At 30-inches across and 40-inches from the ceiling, it still appears light and airy. A ring of oil-rubbed bronze anchors faux linen panels that catch and transmit the light of nine well-placed 40-watt bulbs.
Startlingly contemporary, Tremaine is still as delicate as an opening flower. This pendant works well in a contemporary kitchen, breakfast room, or master bedroom. Put several in a row to light a gallery or colonnade.

Mixed material pendant lights

Mixed materials bring texture and originality to any interior. Varied colors, textures, and shapes intrigue and engage. They break up monochromatic impressions and add visual interest to a well-planned design. And, fortunately, mixed materials can be used anywhere, so you could create connections among rooms by repeating and integrating the mixed materials.
fortable sitting room. Or, you could place it off-center above a corner furniture cluster.

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