LED lighting is not just for holiday decorations anymore. It’s everywhere you look. You can wear it, create with it, or find it throughout the Internet of Things (IoS).
LED lighting has also opened new doors for interior design and the lighting fixtures that make a design work. The new technology lets you save energy with style.

Why do LED?

Manufacturers don’t like the word “bulb.” So, when you opt for “LED lights,” you choose to use 50 percent less electricity than legacy lights, those old-school incandescent, fluorescent and halogen options.
LEDs also aim light in specific directions rather than spread the light and heat everywhere. That also extends the life of LED lights reducing your replacement frequency and costs. LEDs don’t burn out; they just fade away after some 30,000 to 50,000 hours or more.
LEDs score high for durability because there’s nothing fragile about them. They have no filaments or glass, so they resist breakage, vibrations, and impact.
And, LED lights provide instant-on and full illumination with none of the usual delay associated with fluorescent or HID lamps.
What LED does for design?
* Recessed lighting: The lifespan of LEDs works perfectly for indirect, hidden, and recessed lighting that is otherwise difficult to reach. Placed above or below cabinets, above crown moldings, or within closets, they light and engage.
They can be installed with dimmers and conventional wiring. And, you can choose cool or warm colors to enhance the room’s décor.
* Pendant Lights: LEDs don’t all come in strips or lines. An increasing number of designers are developing fixtures illuminated by LEDs. Because of their possibly diminutive size, LED lights make new designs possible, sleek, and modern.
LEDs can hide within large or small globes, geometrics, or metals to light, reflect, and refract with directed focus.
* Sculpted Fixtures: Size or shape do not decide your fixture design or placement. Single LEDs can light teardrop or crystal balls dangling from a ceiling base. They can function behind a large shade to add drama to a formal room.
You may find them at the tip of chandelier arms or direct their light down or through glass or crystal tubes or shafts.
* Lamps: LEDs can go anywhere incandescent bulbs will go in floor or table lamps. In fact, they can go places the larger incandescent bulbs don’t.
LEDs can mold into sculptured shapes, traditional designs, or modern. Their even and consistent illumination makes reading, makeup, office work, and crafts comfortable and easy.

LED Lighting

You can save energy with style. The cost savings guaranteed by LED lights is reason enough to make the move.
But, LEDs also bring great flexibility to your interior decoration plans. The shape, size, and available colors offer design options that are innovative, creative, and functional. LEDs are becoming a first-choice option for homeowners and designers, too.


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