Open Frame Pendants dismiss frills, fuss, and fashion. They opt for a sleek, simple, and slender geometry. Open Frame Pendants are art forms first and lighting fixtures second.
These lamps are engineered to combine form and function. They combine innovative technology and mixed material into strikingly sculpted accents to your interior design, accents that also happen to illuminate the area.


This open frame pendant presents as a mysterious puzzle. Intriguing in its geometry and engaging in its structural starkness. Uranus mixes aluminum, acrylic, and gold finish with LED light power.
Industrial joints hold the magic together to hand a full 7086-inches from its base and 21.65-inches across. The height of the lamp belongs in a tall foyer, staircase, or colonnade where its design will engage and intrigue visitors
Uranus is retro-industrial but starkly futuristic in its lines and angles. The pendant hangs like an unfinished magic trick, a combination of subtle LED lighting and sharp triangles.


This pendant is a gorgeous departure in satin-finished gold. A series of interlocking cubes set at precise angles surround a display of six 40-watt candles.
Antique in design origin and contemporary in its marked geometry, Avalon makes a dramatic statement in any living, dining, or sleeping area. At 25.5-inches wide and high, the cube brightens a formal entry or game room.
The candles alone soften the angles, but the braces and frames reflect and refract their light. Classically dramatic and visually playful at the same time, Avalon blends the arts and trends of interior design. Finding clean and sophisticated style in open frame pendants The trend towards the use of open frame pendants dismisses shades or apparatus that hides the light source. They use their structural form to define a room’s character, fascinate guests, and place light where it is needed and appreciated.


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