When candles lit rooms, when they hung from ceilings, or when they sat on tables or attached to the walls, they used glass, metals, and crystals to reflect and refract the light. Artists saw an opportunity to etch the glass, acid-treat the metals, and create crystals with function creating form.
The wealthy established the pattern. They added teardrops, icicles, rosettes, leaded glass, and quartz. The crystals hang, dangle, link in chains, or cascade. But, they always catch the light and multiply the light. They extend it and even color it.
Contemporary materials make crystals affordable, innovative, and unique in new approaches to classic light fixtures.


The Parkes is a simple design. A circular band of acid treated black metal hangs by three thin cables from a small ceiling base.
A string of cost- and energy-effective LED lights inside the metal circle light jagged glass crystal “teeth” that jut upwards.
Amazingly simple in its architecture, the lamp spreads across almost 40-inches and hangs over 47-inches from the ceiling. This is a large fixture which, when lighted, engages anyone who enters the room. Its circle of lighting aflame dominates any interior with drama and magic.
It will set the tone for your dining room, master bedroom suite, game room, or study. You cannot see the cables, so the circle of light appears to float above everyone’s head. It catches the eye, creates the mood, and lights every corner.
These crystal teeth are not the elegant, dangling gems of classical décor, but they light and brighten the room with contemporary simplicity and artistry.


If its spangles and ice you want, Astoria fills the bill. Apparently random beads, bubbles, and pendants hand from a polished nickel circle. It’s classic luxury, but, no, it’s strikingly modern.
This chandelier is perfect for your “she shack” as it blends retro and contemporary feels. At 30-inches across and 40-inches high, it will add jewelry to your living room, dining room, or master bath. Mixed with modern furniture or select older elements, the Astoria works well in master closets, drawing rooms, and sunrooms.
City townhouse, beachfront home, or urban loft, the Astoria catches and displays sunshine during the day and deploys sparkling light throughout the evening and night. It’s modern to its core but nostalgic in tradition.
Stunning lamps like these raise the barre on your interior design. They make you look up and make a statement that defines the rest of the room. Crystal lighting fixtures dominate a design plan under which you can select and assembler color, furniture, wall treatments, and more. Choose boldly and decorate richly with crystal lighting.

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