Ceiling Lights For Small Spaces

Small spaces can often hinder creativity and design, depending on how you decorate and arrange a room. Don’t worry though, we are here to help you get the most out of your small space while elevating it with the perfect ceiling lights for small spaces!

The first rule of a small space is less is more. Staying organized while having a more minimal approach is key. The trick is to be smart about what you choose to decorate.

Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures

If you have a small kitchen, it may be better to opt in for bar stools at the bar and skip the dining table. You can elevate your kitchen with the use of minimal yet aesthetic kitchen appliances or decor to create a well thought out kitchen. Focus only on one or two visually appealing objects. A small plant always makes a difference and offers a great living atmosphere.


If you have a smaller kitchen, we recommend adding minimal pendant lights. One or two of them, depending on the light need. Millie is a great option that offers minimal yet thoughtful design to your space.

Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

If you have a smaller bathroom, or maybe the guest bathroom is smaller than the master bathroom, the Eden Pendant is the perfect bathroom ceiling light fixture for you! Eden is simple and chic. Whether you have a modern or classical design, Eden looks good in just about any setting.


Living Room Ceiling Light Fixtures

The living room can often be the most challenging when it comes to decorating a small spaces. That is why this area may need the most love and attention. Lighter colors and one or two unique objects such a small marble coffee table can help turn your small living room from a congested tiny space to an aesthetic Pinterest-worthy dream space.


As always, lighting is also very important in a smaller living room space. Vault’s Rhome II Pendant is a well-loved classic, while adding just the right dimension to its space. The Rhome II Pendant adds a futuristic yet organic element and its mirrored-effect shade shines even when it’s off. Another great living room option could the Torrance. This light fixture is complementary to natural colors, organic materials, and shapes. This real alabaster pendant adds minimal wonder in your living room.


Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Last but not least, the bedroom. If you have limited space in your bedroom, you may consider a bed frame that offers under-the-bed storage. Remember, decluttering can do wonders. For bedroom ceiling light fixtures, we suggest our Amande Globe Ceiling Light. Depending on the space, you can install 2 or even 4 and create a modern bedroom look.


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