Illuminate Your Home with LED Ceiling Lights: A Sustainable Luxury Lighting Solution

LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology. It is a sustainable luxury lighting solution for any home or business, as LED lights use around 75% less energy and last up to 25% more than regular incandescent lighting.
Looking for LED ceiling lights, pendant lights, or wall sconces in a variety of interior design styles? We have just the LED lights you’re looking for.

Vault brings the best luxurious LED lights right to your doorstep


Vulcan Modern Pendant

This refined pendant light is a great kitchen island light. The Vulcan combines Nordic design elements with a minimalist approach.

Melrose Bubble LED Pendant

The Melrose is a whimsical modern pendant light. We love this fixture for both dining room areas as well as living rooms. Its metallic plated mirror hangs delicately from a cord, which connects to a complimenting matte black canopy. The Melrose looks great on its own or hung in a cluster to create a sculptured effect.


The Lumina picture light is a great task lighting option. This clean and decorative picture light has a smooth satin brass finish and is great for various interior design styles.

Ura Futuristic LED Light Pendant

Want to create a futuristic ambiance? No need to look further than Ura pendant light! The Ura LED Light has a futuristic geometric design.


Looking for a more dramatic LED ceiling light look? The Cadenza LED Light Chandelier may be your best move. This charming living room chandelier features a beautifully created silhouette for a luxurious crystal chandelier look.

Odin Wall Sconce

The Odin is another sleek alternative for LED lighting. The Odin comes in satin brass or matte black and is a stylish yet elegant wall sconce option.

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