How To Use Ceiling Lights to Create Different Moods in Your Home
Interior light fixtures are one of the most essential parts of interior design. They uplift your home and create an experience. With the right ceiling lighting, you can create a dramatic and rich effect.
Depending on the mood you want to create, the colors and textures of the materials used within your space are very important. And the light fixture you choose adds to the total desired mood.
Consider the Eden Multi Spot Glass Chandelier. The Eden has a different overall mood compared to other strong options, such as the Hazel Modern Branch Chandelier.
If you want to create a moody glow with an overall more sophisticated look, the Eden Multi Spot Chandelier is the right move. The Hazel Modern Branch Chandelier is more on the natural and organic side. So, if you have a contemporary modern house, the Eden may be more suitable, whereas if you're looking for a more authentic, calming vibe, the Hazel may be your best option.
Rufus is a beautiful, minimal and clean bouquet chandelier. If you want a lighting fixture that ties into your space while creating positive mood; the Rufus Glass Globe Chandelier is perfect for you.
If you want more dimensions and a dramatic bold look, we recommend the Rhome Sputnik Chandelier.
Loren Clear Rope Glass Chandelier is another effortless beauty. This glass chandelier has it all.
Another great option could be the Bella Bubbles Chandelier, which is a flush mount ceiling light that has the same materials and is also made out of glass. Bella is joyous. The bubbles add a magical touch and even though both light fixtures have the same materials, both provide completely different feelings.

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