Ceiling Light Trends: What’s New and What’s Next in Luxury Lighting


What are some 2023 lighting trends? Modern and sculptural luxury lighting designs are very common in 2023. Let’s look into some of these 2023 trends…

Oversized Chandeliers

Chandeliers are already having a big impact on interior design. This year, the ‘more drama the better’ approach is knocking at the door. Oversized, multi-tiered chandeliers are huge in 2023! And we are here to help you find the best on-trend chandelier for your home.
Avia Round Chandelier is the perfect definition of the oversized multi-tiered chandelier. The Avia Round Crystal Chandelier shines delicately and looks gorgeous in your modern living space.

The Quentin is another effortless glowing piece. It’s 4 layers and various size hoops a bold dimension to your space. The Quentin Hoop Chandelier creates that wow affect from any angle.

Valentina; The Valentina is a balanced mixture of contemporary and traditional vibes. This elegant brass chandelier inspired by Murano glass is one of the most popular designs in Italy.

  What’s Next?

Wall Sconces with Black Accents

The Solis Alabaster Wall Scone is a minimal but pretty addition to your walls. Its marble veins create a joyful cozy atmosphere.
Rylan is an art piece itself. The Rylan Alabaster Moon Sconce enriches your walls and completes your interior design look. It is refined, beautiful and raw.

Futuristic Unusual Lines

Simone and Triton are both futuristic options. Depending on the vibe you want to create within your home, both Pendant lights would add futuristic, out of this world flare.
The Simone holds true to its modern and contemporary roots with its steel body whereas the Triton’s asymmetrical look and matte black finish create a more subtle look.

Mysterious Glass

When we think about mystical glass, the Melrose Metallic Bubble Pendant and Rhome II Pendant are two of our go-to options. Both look sleek and create a cosmic vibe. The Melrose has two color options; gold and silver.
The Rhome II is a perfect futuristic and mystical LED pendant. It features chrome-plated acrylic that creates a mystical mirror effect.

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