Looking to give your nightstand a design face-lift? Or perhaps you're hunting for a stylish lighting addition for your reading room, or the perfect table lamp for the living room? No matter the style you’re looking for, for example vintage table lamp inspired or more modern, or whatever the space it will go in, Vault has a carefully curated table lamp selection for you to choose from.
These light fixture styles are chic, functional and affordable.
For table lamps, Vault offers a unique selection.
A good rule of thumb is that table lamps should be eye level. Often, four lighting sources in a living room are the perfect balance.
A table lamp could be placed next to a big comfy couch, next to an art piece, or a darker corner that needs a bit of illumination.
Let’s take a look into some of Vault’s table lamp options…
Hudson Table Lamp The Hudson merges contemporary and industrial design while embodying a bold nature. This geometrical modern lamp adds dimension and depth to any space.
Rhys Wood Table Lamp Its warm wood color adds an intimate, cozy element to your space. It is welcoming and inviting. Rhys' body is tall and subtle, while maintaining a grounding nature.
Liam Table Lamp Liam has an outside-the-box look. Its resin body and satin brass details add the perfect depth and dynamic ambiance to its chosen space.
Amber Geometric Glass Table Lamp Amber is our most delicate table lamp. Its glass body adds elegance to your space. This table lamp is ornamental in its striking nature while creating a sense of warm welcome.

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