Creating a minimalist look with modern lighting fixtures can add a sleek and sophisticated touch to your personal space. Here are some ideas to achieve this aesthetic with Vault:
Remember, the key to achieving a minimalist look is to keep the design simple, clean, and uncluttered. It's important to focus on sleek and understated light fixtures that complement the overall aesthetic of the space.
Pendant Lights
Install minimalistic pendant lights with clean lines and geometric shapes. Opt for fixtures made of metal or glass in neutral colors like black, white, or brushed silver. Hang them at different heights to create visual interest.
Palmer Minimal Pendant is sophisticated and modern. This architectural long pendant light design speaks to the minimalist at heart.
Picture Lighting
Consider using picture lighting to highlight specific areas or objects in your space. This type of lighting allows you to direct the light where needed, emphasizing focal points like a dessert table or a centerpiece.
The Lumina Brass Picture Light is a sleek and minimalist design that creates the look of modern lighting, while the smooth satin brass finish offers an easy transition with various interior design styles.
LED Strip Lights
Incorporate LED strip lights to create subtle and contemporary accents. You can install them along the edges of shelves, under countertops, or behind furniture to create a soft glow and add a futuristic vibe.
Ura Futuristic LED Lighting Pendant is the perfect combination of geometric design and the glowing effect conceived by the LED lighting enhances an ultra-futuristic ambiance. 
Wall Sconces
Wall sconces can be an excellent addition to create a minimalist vibe in your space. Frosted Glass or diffusers, both would make the perfect minimalist lighting addition to any room!
When Solis Alabaster Wall Sconce is lit, an array of light shines through marbled veins, showcasing the striking definition. Whether you’re looking for hallway sconce lighting or light sconces for the bedroom, the Solis wall sconce light is a perfect fit for those with minimalist style.

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