The color forecast 2020 puts a new emphasis on color and playfulness in interior design. As we push forward into the new decade, color plays a big role in boosting energy levels, maintaining focus and bringing our interiors to life. Some of the most popular colors 2020 has in store for us are shades of bubbly millennial purple, lavender and lilac décor.  Here’s how to brighten the mood, and usher in more eccentric design styles with your color choices.



Millennial Purple

The cool younger sister of Millennial Pink, Millennial Purple holds major influence in 2020 interior design. With a nod to the 1980s Memphis Design Style, this friendly hue is a popular choice for statement furniture. Its gentle, yet bold—making it a favorite for office décor, lounges, nurseries and even living rooms. This typically feminine hue is becoming a favorite among both men and women due to the nostalgia factor.




Soft Lilac Décor

Take your time selecting the right statement piece for your space. These tones can have a life of their own, so you have to be sure you’re choosing the right hue. Going too bright can easily throw off the entire design scheme. A few shades can mean the difference between being held as a revolutionary, or written off as an amateur. If ordering online, be sure to order fabric swatches, or email in to request additional photos. When you find the perfect piece, we promise it will be well worth the wait.




Bright Hues

If you’re going with a more bright hue, try incorporating natural tones and textures into your décor scheme to create a more subtle maximalist design. The color is still bold in its self—so there’s no need to add more than one or two colorful pieces. Mixing in beige, off white and natural wood tones will help curate a more subdued surrounding, and will help prevent the space from looking overdone. Exposed brick creates texture, but also helps create a more diverse scheme when it comes to time periods and design styles.



Written by Chelsey Loya



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