With a new decade comes a whole new look, and an array of diverging design styles have set the stage for beautiful spaces in 2020 and beyond. From Maximalism to Minimalism; Modern to Parisian; the only thing we know for sure is that there's no shortage of innovation. But what takes a space from one-note to truly something unique is how you incorporate these varying themes in the rooms and homes your design. Contrast is key--sticking to one palette just won't cut it, and the same goes for furniture and lighting design. Keep reading to see how some of today's contrasting design trends are merging together to create something new.
Ombre glass, branching silhouettes and nature-inspired motifs are some of the biggest players in lighting design this year. These nature-inspired elements help to create an organic look by contrasting with other design styles that may be present in the space. Whether it be color or texture, natural accents help diversify the space and create a fresh, inviting atmosphere.
Branch chandeliers have been gaining momentum in the design world for several seasons, and are beginning to really take off. There's something relaxing about a delicate branch hanging overhead that reminds you of a crisp spring day, or a fun summer gathering. The minimalist design of our Hazel chandelier reigns things back a bit and allows a more seamless convergence with more modern spaces. Ombre smoke glasses light up like glowing leaves.
Alabaster and other stone materials are riding the coattails of the popular marble movement of the past several years. Alabaster's sporadic swirling veins create a special texture in the light that helps to build a more natural approach to modern interiors. A single faux alabaster disc is the centerpiece of our sleek Solis wall light, creating a luxurious contrast to the otherwise minimalist design of the frame.
Geometric shapes and themes are still here, but taking a more dynamic approach. Clean lines and symmetry are disrupted by contrasting elements--facilitated by some of the other major design trends we're seeing in the market right now. Contrast is key when it comes to geometric light fixtures in 2020.
Textured surfaces and asymmetrical features are a few of the major design trends that being combined with a geometric aesthetic. The asymmetrical geode glasses of our Cicero pendant play with these more organic-inspired themes. The swirl texture in the surface of the glass creates a stunning display of light and shadow that allows the texture to extend past the glass, and into the surrounding space.
Design outside the box by ditching uniformity and cohesiveness. While the popular Art Deco movement is well known for its geometric motifs, this piece simply could be contemporary as well. Our Trenton ceiling light features a single delicate globe--encased by an industrial matte black cube. The canopy surface is polished brass--creating a mirror-like effect.
Chrome and polished elements are back, but with an all new look. Where this used to be the baseline finish choice for modern spaces in decades past, chrome now serves as a statement rather than a underlying color scheme. Pairing chrome furniture and objects with contrasting design elements and time periods is what defines the application of this trend.
Round mirrored surfaces add a futuristic dimension to static spaces that might otherwise be stuck in a single design style. The oblong, asymmetrical bubble of our Melrose pendant creates the look of molten metal. The asymmetrical shape brings in more organic themes. When turned off, the surface is a mirror. When lit up, the surface becomes translucent--creating a sparkling array of light glowing from within.
When paired with contrasting finishes, chrome and polished pieces come to life in a new way. The mirror-like surfaces step into the lime light, becoming a piece of art all in it's self. Our popular Rhome chandelier is now available in sleek mirror glass with a contrasting satin stainless steel finish--offering an almost-industrial approach to this branching sputnik design.
Written by Chelsey Loya

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