Decorative concrete in interior design has been steadily gaining momentum over the past few seasons, with popularity reaching it’s peak in 2020. What was once a functional, unappealing medium has now become a modern statement, and all-around staple. But with the growing popularity, choosing the right pieces and the right methods can mean the difference between innovative design and a dull, generic look. Follow these tips for creating concrete interior design that will stand out for years to come.




Concrete Kitchen Counter Top

Incorporating decorative concrete in the kitchen should be a no-brainer, but how it’s applied can take your space to a new elevated level. Concrete is a popular choice in the kitchen—the mixing of natural elements with more modern finishes commonly found in the kitchen creates a striking balance between nature and modernity. Try a dark asphalt stain with a polished finish to play on various tones and textures. Choosing a unique stain or surface finish is the key to making this choice feel new and elevated in 2020.



Concrete Bathroom Sink

Concrete bathroom design is another no-brainer on the list. Unique design choices in the bathroom tend to have a bigger impact on visitors because this is a high-traffic space. A concrete bathroom sink is not only functional and easy to clean, but it’s unique natural texture can bring life to a space that may otherwise feel sterile. Mixing this textured material against a matte black countertop helps to create contrast and tease the eye. This winning combination is sure to take your home to new heights.



Concrete Bath Tub

For those seeking a touch of luxury, consider a concrete bath tub. This will serve as a statement piece that also functions to truly elevate your life. Many brands offer options for touch controls, ambient lighting and even integrated underwater sound technology to help create a luxurious smart home




 Concrete Fireplace 

Concrete fireplaces serve as a functional piece of art that gathers family members and visitors alike. The centerpiece of the room, the fireplace offers an opportunity to make an impression. Choosing a natural, textured surface creates a captivating look. Again, consider different finishes and stain colors to find something that compliments your décor scheme.



Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring can serve as a modern baseline texture for your space. With the right color tone this medium can be a statement all it’s own. Take the opportunity to play with a modern Brutalist aesthetic when it comes to staircases, balconies and steps.




Concrete Dining Table

A concrete dining table is a bold move, but one that will gain appreciation. The Brutalism trend has played a big role in launching concrete interior design into an elevated realm in recent seasons. Brutalism places emphasis on organic, textural surfaces juxtaposed by gleaming metal finishes.



Concrete Candlesticks

The perfect set of concrete candlesticks can help incorporate decorative concrete accents in your décor. These easy and accessible pieces adorn some of our most coveted spaces: the entryway, the coffee table, the kitchen bar, the fireplace. Choosing a luxurious set to accent your existing décor is a great option for those who want to dip their toes into the world of concrete without the commitment of a remodel.



Concrete Patio Decor

The third and final no-brainer, concrete patio décor. But in 2020, designers are putting a new twist on this ever-lasting trend. Faces, animals and fun shapes are all adding a playful whimsy to our outdoor spaces this year. Hunt down a unique on-trend piece to make this space truly unique.




Written by Chelsey Loya

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