Colorless interiors create space, cool your comfort level, and offer serenity where needed. Colorless interiors offer a blank slate, a canvas for design potential where every added color, shape, and texture makes a welcome difference.
It may be Scandinavian or Mediterranean in origin, but colorless interiors represent a design trend with lasting quality. Colorless rooms are the ultimate neutral. The invite and enable variety to accent their minimalist palette.
Rooms that favor white-on-white walls and ceilings have more color, shades, and textures than you think. Furnishing, accenting, and lighting such colorless environments can be a challenge. It’s all about shapes and texture!
  •  Paint: Some colorless paints are more colorless than others. You must know what white paint you are working with. Whites come in a range of hues and finishes. Enamel, flat matte, and eggshell finish present different impressions. And, you should choose the white with the room’s natural light in mind to decide if you want a cooler, warmer, or cozier feel.
  • Floors: Architectural Digest quoted designer Kevin Greenberg who says, “The thing to remember about white floors, whether they're whitewashed or actually painted white, is that they're dramatic.” Designers recommend natural or synthetic woods like white-washed wood, white oak, or white ash.
  • Furniture: 30% of a room’s impression hinges on its furnishings and they should balance with the interior’s secondary tone. It’s why it’s so important to define that dominant color in the colorless interior. That undertone or related tone provides the key for matching, mixing, and contrasting furnishings and fabrics.
  • Light Fixtures: Light fixtures have color in their architecture and design. And, the artificial light to rooms depending on their bulbs and shades as well as their reflection and refraction around the colorless interior.

Consider how the Tremaine chandelier works in a colorless interior. There are an elegance and warmth to the fixture. A central core of faux linen fabric extends below tiers of linen crescents. They fold and unfold like the petals of a flower edged with oil-rubbed bronze strips.

Tremaine hangs 40-inches below the ceiling and 30-inches in diameter to impress guests and define an area for dining, sleeping, or entertaining. Its 40-watt bulbs shine warmly through the textured linen to provide a cozy glow that warms the room.


The Costa, on the other hand, is sharply different. Its vertical shaft in polished nickel reaches 60-inches while supporting sculptured discs that command attention. Each disc is individual in size and grain. And, they share the illumination from five randomly-placed bulbs.

Costa is a work of art for a high-ceilinged room, amusing and dramatic at once. The placement of the crystal circles refracts and diffuses the natural light from windows during the day and shares the warmth of its bulbs in the evening.

Bringing light to colorless interiors

Colorless interiors are misnamed. Even the whites or whites have some tint, hue, or texture. The designing challenge is finding the principal ingredients and creating the balance of key elements. With a little work and talent, you can bring engagement to your colorless interior. It’s all about shapes and texture!

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