There’s much more to earthy palettes than beige. “Earthy” has come to mean more than “neutral.” It’s a broader palette with hundreds of color choices, each of which has its own array of tones and hues.
Earthy hints begin with soils rich in shades on brown, clay, and black. It evokes the greens of pastures, lawns, and mountain meadows. It brings up notes of river stone, granite, and sandstone. And, it captures the mineral colors of copper, cinnabar, and malachite.
If you limit earthy to variations on Terracotta, you are probably thinking a Southwest motif favoring desert colors against sand tones. But, earthy is trending stronger than that, catching on everywhere. The colors can soothe and calm, but they can also energize and engage.
Earthy palettes do more than suggest a return to nature. The potential to mix, match and blend burgundy, burnt orange, cinnamon, desert rose, ochre, peach, and more.
Go bold!
You can create drama with rich colors of walls, floors, or ceiling. Bold carpeting, richly colored furniture fabrics and sizable artwork can make a statement in rooms with more neutral earth colors.
Go cozy!
If you start the room with a consistent color scheme, a slight twist on sand or beige, you can introduce unique, attention-grabbing pieces of furniture, pottery, mirrors, or lamp fixtures. Adding rich malachite greens or azurite blues can define the room’s function and flow.
The lighting pendant called, Ura, is a striking piece of satin gold. Its complex geometry catches attention with the glowing effect conceived by the LED lighting enhances an ultra futuristic ambiance.
Ura blends the strikingly original with a touch of the antique. It mixes feelings and impressions. The blend adds flair and interest to an environment based on neutrals. And, it brightens a cozy setting and emboldens a designer’s approach.
The fixture is 45-inches high and 24-inches of all sides. The light from the bulbs brings a futuristic look to the room. Ura’s geometric mass is clever enough to engage and entertain making it welcome in an earthy designed dining room, foyer, or living room.
The Rhome light fixture is an artwork, a floating sculpture. It’s a spin on Mid-Century industrial styles with its angular spread and functional joints. Each arm ends in a bulbous globe that diffuses and deploys the illumination from the 40-watt bulbs within.
Despite the industrial echoes, the Rhome is distinctly contemporary, a challenging and engaging highlight to any room. It spreads across 44-inches, so you want to place it in a high-ceilinged room where the lamp’s spread will pull the room together without overwhelming the comfort.
In the room shown here, you will see how Rome belongs among the earthy palettes that surround it. The lead grays streak the floor, upholster the chairs, and flower the walls. Notice, too, the brass that forms the chairs, support the table, and even appear in the contemporary sculpture in the background.
Earthy palettes to stay
Earthy goes well beyond pale neutrals. The earthy palette includes hundreds of colors that evoke nature and seasons. The colors might be deep and rich enough to create a close cozy environment. Or, they might be light and spacious enough to invite unique accents. Our lighting fixtures step up to any interior design challenge. So, consider how you might add interest to your home’s earthy palette.

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