You don’t need an Interior Decorator to create unexpected vignettes, a small grouping of objects forming a pleasing focal point. Vignettes are an affordable way to create interest with items you may already have around the house.
You shouldn’t confuse this with clustering knickknacks or trendy collectibles. Instead, you should start with a choice space: a wall, end table, foyer, mantel, or shelf. One advantage to vignettes is that you can alter the arrangement from time to time.
Sometimes, some things must stay as you shift, rearrange, and replace items. For example, an end table may have a tamp you need at that location. Otherwise, you are free to create and recreate.
Pick items selectively!
You need a theme for the vignette. It might be items in a monochromatic scheme or within the same color palette. It might be items in a family: all framed photographs, decorative bottles, unusual shells or crystals. Or, it might be items within a family of geometric shapes.
There are hundreds of options: books, candles, vases, holiday items, and more.
Pick the control!
All vignette items should complement a control item. One item—an unusual mirror, a dramatic sculpture, an antique candlestick, and so on—should set the tone. All other items should be in the same family in terms of color, shape, or category.
The control item should be the standout eye-catcher that invites others to explore other pieces in the display.
Pick an order!
You should plan a strategic order for placement. The order should proceed visually back to front. But, you also should arrange things by height or width and then left to right. The strategy needn’t be firm. Once you have it set out, you can rearrange individual items until you are satisfied.
This is where your creative eye comes in. You put your strategy into place. Then, you step back and edit the work.
Pick a light fixture!
The vignette deserves light fixtures to heighten its creativity.
The Parkes chandelier, for instance, draws attention to everything beneath and around with its unique architecture. A hoop of black metal almost 40-inches across hides LED lights that brighten its ring of crystals. Parkes becomes the control for vignettes on shelves and tables throughout the room.
With its stark black silk shade, the Isla anchors your view with exquisite elegance and drama until you notice the glass balls falling out of its gold foil interior. Dramatic on the outside and eye-catching at the bottom, Isla brings rich charm to highlight your vignette. At 40-inches wide, it draws attention to its whimsy and everything below. Isla becomes part of the vignette itself.
Get the look!
All you need is a flat surface, a few of your favorite things, something tall, and a light to anchor the vignette.

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