Simple lighting silhouettes can be the key to a “less is more” décor. They are the alternative to glamor and extravagance. They are tricky, too, because their apparent understatement has a way of making a statement on taste, trend, and future.
You must remember that, in design terms, “simple” does not mean easy or uninspired. In fact, the best silhouettes are unique, striking, and memorable. They work in minimalist décor, but they work well in contemporary design dynamics as well. There is just something lasting in their design that stays permanent as you change other elements in a room.
Simple lighting silhouettes and minimalism
Less is more does suggest a minimalist experience, and that takes two directions. There is that severe minimalism highlighting concrete floors, unadorned windows, and coarsely textured walls. And, simple lighting silhouettes fit such rooms well because they don’t have a waster frill, fancy, or line.
But, there is also the more contemporary approach to minimalism that forgoes industrial severity. Minimalism values light, optimizes natural light, and favors lighting fixtures with a subtle presence. Recognizing that natural light is not there 24/7, designers select simple lighting silhouettes to illuminate space without confusing or challenging the eye.
The Uranus fixture does this well. Its simple outline (at 21.65” W x 70.86” H) presents a futuristic feel to any living space. It catches attention and intrigues. But, it does not overwhelm with texture or trim. In the daylight, it is a curious shape. After dark, it glows with LED energy. Simple lighting silhouettes and geometrics Lighting fixtures with simple silhouettes are reductive. They are determined by geometrics. But, they also dare to redefine the geometry. They reveal their engineering but make something new of it.
Simple silhouettes will favor curves and angles.
They even prefer the angles as more formal and less relaxed than curves. You won’t find shades, spangles, or teardrops.
The Lamont pendant, for instance, is a elegsnt glass and satin brass light fixture. The angled glass panels seem to differ from the brass angles. It is geometry within geometry. There are the art and intrigue in it, a simple silhouette that’s no simple after all. Ava hangs 50-inches from the ceiling and 34-inches so it will catch attention. It’s much more of an artwork than a task light.
Simple lighting silhouettes and contemporary decor Inspired by some future design, recreating our sense of geometrics, reducing images to metallic infrastructure, these silhouettes not only have their place in contemporary scenarios. They may, in fact, define them. They invite, engage, and intrigue with abstract and defining innovation and originality.

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