Summer sunshine puts focus on golden touchers in current interior design. Designers are using gold metal, fabrics, and fixtures in small, medium, and large touches to your home.
The “gold” can be aluminum, brass, copper, or other metals on the gold spectrum. The trick in great design lies in not overdoing it. So, the gold must still be in balance and proportion. You must select pieces as part of an integrated dynamic to make an impact and lasting engagement.
Gold is always an eyecatcher, but it highlights current design palettes like pale grays and blues. It stands out among fields of mid-century modern and industrial minimalism to create a contemporary feel.
You can make your bath, bed, and any room into your Golden Oasis with just a few touches:
The Palmer, in all its simplicity, has enough gold to combine form and function. This elongated pendant hangs to full 70-inches from the ceiling. The satin brass looks like gold, but it’s there in such thin strips, the statement is soft and select.
Cleanly engineered, it calls up period lighting and minimalist traditions. Interior designers envision things in complex ways. So, they value the geometry here and how it fits a larger canvas.
In the room pictured here on the right, the fixtures are barely seen, but they also complement the otherwise stark blue-gray field.
Yet, in the room to the left, the Palmer fits a classic vision falling precisely in the center of classic wall molding directly above a golden table.
The luxury in these rooms comes from arising among all the pieces in combination, not from the gold itself. In fact, the gold increases in value because of it’s just a touch, a hint of wealth, so perfect but casual, it communicates wealth.
The Sahan light fixture also displays just enough gold to mean something as it tumbles 68.3-inches from its base. Its gold forms thin industrial hinges and rods that end in glass globes. It is a work of art using lighting as a feature more than function.
Attached to a dimmer, the Sahan engages and impresses as a piece of sculpture that defines a dark space or fills a high-ceilinged-room or gallery with a finely chosen shape and
In the interior design pictured here, the room is dominated by the large wall treatment. The artwork has no rival touches in the floor, furniture, or odds and ends.
Even the Sahan serves to accentuate the height and shape of the wall treatment without overpowering the room.
Your Golden Oasis: The interior design trend for the summer of 2018
An oasis is a defined area where rest and refreshment are paramount. It’s a place to relax and pull your thoughts together, an environment that calms and renews.
Well done, gold elements brighten the experience without overstating its importance or value. Subtlety, proportion, and balance are the keys.

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