As California goes, so goes the nation! And, Cali chic interiors may be a trend worth checking out.
If you’re new to California, you should give it a chance. It is far more diverse in terrain, weather, and history than you might think. And, Cali Chic seems to pull it all together.
If there is a single central component to the California mindset it light. Sunlight is everywhere every day. Californians and their homes embrace it willingly with windows, clerestories, and skylights.
Mixed and mingled with the light are natural elements like an unusual terracotta piece, a bold strike of color, or some bonsai greenery.
Whether housed in mountains, deep in the deserts, or at the beach, Cali chic has something fluid about it. It’s a contemporary dynamic blending past, present, and future seamlessly.
Exteriors replicate Tuscan and Italian villas, but interiors use wood, marble, and tile to welcome the outdoors in. Palettes are light, textures are fine, and fabrics are patterned. Everything is geared to making the smallest areas larger, personal, but engaging.
Tremaine is a perfect example. A large, space-defining chandelier is an elegant flower in modern materials. Casual enough to look interesting, it drips faux linen in curves on several tiers. The bright white falls from the oil-rubbed bronze frame and seems to float when lit by hidden bulbs.
This heavy fixture requires professional installation and hangs some 40-inches long and 30-inches in diameter. Use a dimmer, and this artwork makes a design statement.
Or, you might consider the smaller accent in the Trenton accent fixture. It weds the texture of faux linen backlit by a single bulb. That simple shade softens the contemporary geometric lines of the fixture in powder-coated, oil-rubbed bronze.

The lines recall Craftsman era designs, and the bronze suggests frontier lanterns, a contemporary but cozy combination to light a hallway, accent a mirror, or light a wet bar. The Trenton is small at 14-inches wide by 14-inches high and 8-inches deep, something you might even hang over your outdoor dining area.
In the long run, Cali Chic means placing the “well-selected” item in the right context. Both these fixtures fit that bill.

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