White brightens and expands. It enlarges spaces and floor plans. It frees you to design a room with more white and with furniture, flooring, and fixtures that complement or contrast the white.
White comes in many colors. You can treat white as a canvas. But, white comes in a surpassingly large palette. White comes with subtle undertones, warm hints of yellow, cool touches of blue, and memories of beige.
White comes in flat, satin, and semi-gloss finishes that add texture to your walls and woodwork. It then becomes the canvas you can decorate with elements that blend and brighten or invite.
And, white is the bright and clean interior decorating trend for homes this summer.
A sculpted work in white
The Costa light fixture, for example, is a piece of sculpted art hanging some 60-inches from the ceiling. A polished nickel core supports glass discs. Each disc has unique grooves that catch, refract, and reflect the light of five 40-watt bulbs.
This fixture is a fun visual surprise in a room with a high ceiling. It can define a conversation area, highlight a curving staircase, or welcome visitor in your foyer.
In a largely white environment, it offers texture and soft light. It stands out without washing the white out. It adds a contemporary dynamic in a world of bold colored pillows, patterned fabrics, and green plants.
Costa is entertaining and intriguing. A work of art, it’s the center of attraction in a white atmosphere. One problem with going white is finding a balance and proportion. So, starting with the Costa, you can build around it.
A contemporary touch in white
The all-white Pina is elegant and original. Its broad large shade spills crystals from its center. The fixture hangs 40-inches from its base. The fabric shade covers the side and bottom of its frame. But, glass balls hang at different lengths, a surprising contemporary feature.
The shade is so traditional that the crystals dripping from the center surprise and engage. So, despite its all-white presentation, it presents different materials in an unusual design that makes a subtle statement that elegance is important, but fun is important, too. In an all-white décor, it appears as different whites in combination.
White offers an interior decorator with opportunity. It’s open and uncommitted, as it were. It creates or enlarges a space the designer can plan and play with. But, it also challenges you to add color and pattern that complete the picture.
White is, after all, the presence of all colors, a neutral background against which you can add shapes, shades, and lighting.

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