Green with Envy - 2019 Brings Enthusiasm for Green!

Green with Envy - 2019 Brings Enthusiasm for Green!
Greens can soothe with thoughts of nature, its harmony and rejuvenation. Greens can inspire with jewel tones suggesting luxury and comfort. And, as a design canvas for 2019, it invites compliments in yellows and blues at the edges of the green spectrum.
Greens surround us in nature. In small or large use, it brings new life and forest freshness to relax your mood and perception. Its broad range of tones and hues offer interior designers and their clients so many options.
Green works in most environments as an accent wall, sofa and chair, throw pillows and rugs, paintings and ceramics. Brighter greens become focal points while softer tones create comfort zones.
Green colors are thought to increase appetite and vitality, so designers use it in kitchens and breakfast rooms, often combined with bright yellows and oranges. If you won’t commit to green tile or flooring, you might bring it indoors with dishware, wallpaper, or stripes and prints. Because it suggests nature’s tranquility and harmony, it works well in bed, bath, or sunrooms.
The currently popular sage green is a case in point. It works well with an array of different greens. Its softer subdued impression compliments deeper or sharper greens. In fact, colors are often labeled with names that group them. Sage Green belongs with paints like Hunter, Loden,
Fern, and Moss. Each of them or some of them in combination invite accessories in other green families like Lime, Olive, or Tea.
Make your color decision, and you can select the appropriate lighting fixtures. This open-framed Avalon pendant creates an illusion as its metallic cubes interplay with each other. The satin gold geometric shapes vary in their brass finish. But, couched deep inside are branches for antique candle bulbs.
The artistic device hangs 25.5-inches wide, 25.5-inches wide, and 27.5-inches high from its chain. Avalon is the right size for large or small spaces and makes an engaging statement wherever placed. Consider what magic this squared “globe” brings to this room with its deep green walls.
The Palmer is another pendant fixture in satin brass and white linen creating a slim but interesting design. It’s visually clean and minimalist yet elegant and attractive. Long and thin at 8-inches in diameter, its design extends its 70-inch length from the ceiling.
The Palmer works well as a single accent when hung along, but it seems to ask to be paired as they are in the room shown here. Notice how The Palmer pops out from against the textured green walls.
In one shade or another tone, Green will make a show in 2019 interior design plans. It may be the background or accent, but it will bring something of the outdoors in.