Geometric Light Fixtures--Today's Biggest Trend

Geometric Light Fixtures--Today's Biggest Trend
Designers start with geometry. All space is defined by boundaries. Sometimes, it takes the designer to see the geometry. Without it, you cannot balance and proportion. Designers have a way of seeing all things through a grid where their imagination apportions shape and color.
During some design trends, the geometry may be pronounced and obvious or subtle and invisible. The geometric shapes that come to mind are simple squares, circles, and triangles. But, they can be paired, overlaid, and intertwined. Only imagination limits their size and dimension. That makes those designs versatile and embracing.
They may define a neutral all or accent it with a carpet design, wall hanging, or contrasting shape. Your walls, windows, doorways, and floors have their own geometry, and anything you add must complement or collaborate with those outlines.
Finally, to some extent geometry is always in play. It can be classic or contemporary. Geometry is something you can run your hand or eyes around, so it always adds interest to an environment. It’s cool, sophisticated, and intriguing, and geometry is comfortable wherever you find it.
Few light fixtures are as cleanly and simply geometric as the Upton. A rectangle floats within a larger one outlined in polished nickel. The central shape of this geometric light fixture has four 40-Watt bulbs shaded with burnished glass. (The fixture hangs 40-inches from the ceiling, or you can select a 24-inch version.)
The geometry is flexible enough to work over a kitchen counter, a dining room table, or a billiard table. It would light a foyer or hallway, a living room or bath. In the picture below, Upton’s geometry fits nicely in the circular inset ceiling, but it also echoes the vertical lines of the hallway, the grid formed by the windows, and even the angles of the furniture. Angles, circles, and perspective, they all work together. 
The Costa is an intriguing device, a sculpture hanging 60-inches from its ceiling base. Attached to its long narrow stem of polished nickel, you’ll find discs of engraved glass. This is an artwork, a contemporary statement that introduces whimsy and mystery.
 The glass discs vary in size with no apparent strategy, but the seemingly random placement has smaller ones at the top and larger at the bottom. Five 40-Watt bulbs hide behind the discs along the length of the stem. The discs are textured glass with concentric circular depressions etched in each.
They reflect natural light and other light sources as well as diffuse and distribute the light from the lamps. In these pictures, you can see a closeup of the glass and how stunning it shows in a formal living room. In that room, the circles echo the artwork above the fireplace and contrast with the squared furniture, windows, vertical drapes, and inset ceiling.
The so-called “geometric trend” is a natural application of the shapes that surround us. But, it is also the result of the creative imagination that chooses proportion and makes the placement. It comes from the talent that can integrate the normal and concrete with the novel and artistic.