Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

The Pantone color of the year is long-awaited by the design world each year. It’s an understatement to say that Pantone is in the color business. Pantone is a visual dictionary of hues, the gold standard or defining color, describing its components, and influencing design. Everyone from haute couture to Walmart brands, from car to appliance finishes, from paints to fabrics, and so on. Everything that has color will follow Pantone’s lead or risk loss of market.
The Pantone Color for 2019 is Living Coral (16-1546), a rich and vivid color suggesting the brilliant red-pink of a natural coral reef or tropical fish. The coral has energy and life-affirming qualities, a coral underlaid with gold to produce a gorgeous hue softened with a chalky quality.

Living Coral is not an understated pastel. It’s bold and exciting, fun and inviting. It’s a saturated color without the edge of neon. It is versatile and will appear in solid, patterned, and floral fabrics and wallpapers. You’ll see it in drapes, carpets, throw pillows, and more. Print advertising, packaging, and social media will use it. And, used in creative ways, it will last longer than Spring.
Pantone’s Color of the Year also comes with a suggested palette that frees the pigment to dominate, integrate, or support other colors. As usual, Pantone offers Focal Points, suggested palettes including the Color of the Year. This is just one suggestion:
All the colors shown appear in the sea, real or imagined. You can see the Forest Blome or Beluga contrasting dramatically with the Living Coral. You can visualize the Living Coral floating against the Storm Gray. Mauvewood, Twill, and Living Coral might weave through a carpet or throw rug.
Versatile, inviting, energetic, yet richly natural, Living Coral is Pantone’s Color of the Year.
Even lighting fixtures work in the Living Coral world.
The Jade chandelier commands a room. A handsome and nostalgic fixture that engages and prompts conversation. Imposing at 39-inches across and 40-inches from the ceiling, the Jade uses a traditional architecture in new visual experience.
Its base is a ring of polished nickel from which hang pendants of glass. The core ring of pendants is the longest with two more concentric circles in smaller lengths. But, unique to this fixture are the geometrically-shaped glass tubes. Each side of the Mont Blanc Glass pendant is convex creating five points. The geometry reflects and redistributes the light from the multiple 30-Watt bulbs hidden within the curtains of glass.
In the room photographed here, the Jade is serene, elegant, modern, and impressive. But, notice how well it fits in this color palette which also includes the Living Coral accents in the adjacent room.
The Starling brings different chemistry to its environment. Novel, clever, and exciting, it is full of future and imagination. Unapologetically futuristic, it hangs a full 40-inches and 32-inches in diameter.
Living Coral may welcome us to a strengthening economy, a new security, and an awareness of how vivid the world can be.

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