Leather is such a flexible element. Yes, it bends, folds, and twists. But, it can influence design in hundreds of ways.

* Durable. It is durable and may increase in beauty with age and wear. It outlasts most fabrics while being more malleable than metallics. It lines walls and floors with a touch rustic or wealthy. But, it more frequently adds class and richness to furniture and decorative effects.
* Low-maintenance: Cleaning leather requires little more than a dust cloth or feather duster. An occasional rubdown with leather oil will rejuvenate the color and quality.
* Beautiful: Leather comes in a range of colors and textures. They affect your sight and touch to suggest experiences fit for country or city. Leather furnishes country homes, mountain retreats, and luxury condos.
* Value: Leather is a value-added product because of its perceived luxury. Leather handbags and fashions sell at top dollar because of the appeal. And, that taste drives designers and customers to favor in more colors, textures, and styles.
Contemporary décor uses leather accents and inlays in countertops, bar tops, doors, cabinets, and more. It’s found in powder rooms, libraries, bedrooms, and kitchens. 
Leather accents can be applied in countless areas in a client’s home. From the kitchen to powder room to home offices, leather creates an inviting atmosphere. Plus, leather is an extremely durable product.
They recommend choosing leathers with unusual colors and textures, exotic leathers that accent neutral pallets. They also point out that the leather is never a casual statement; it should integrate well with wall and window treatments as well as furniture and carpeting. Leather can make your environment warm and cozy only if you plan well.
The Redford chandelier is an example of everything right about using leather in today’s interior design. Handsome leather straps connect the two satin brass hoops. The architecture is remarkably simple but made more engaging and exciting with the leather touch.
The Redford floats 61-inches from its base and spreads across 44-inches to engage viewers as soon as they enter a high-ceilinged living, dining, or bedroom. Those hoops support eighteen short candlesticks in a minimalist design.
But, those leather straps make all the difference. Lightly stitched along their edges, the straps slip through brass clasps before they return under leather binders. That handmade touch emphasizes the colonial and old west character of this wheel. The cordovan color and supple quality make it comfortably contemporary.
The Redford is a great design idea for highlighting woods, earthy pallets, and other leathers.


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