Woods are wealthy. Deep black teaks, marbled mesquite, and durable redwoods resonate with touch and texture. New England chestnuts, southern live oaks, and western noble pines, their woods have served designers for centuries.
Floors, walls, and ceilings, fine woods mean comfort and prestige. Inlays, parquets, and moldings, woods have lined the homes of aristocrats in their town homes and manor houses for centuries.
But, woods also suggest comfort and rustic charm. There’s that Alpine charm and Wyoming escape. Wood offers texture and acoustic, warmth and escape. It can mean that secluded forest cabin or plush aprés ski fireplace.
The woods welcome earthy soils, mossy greens, and cozy autumn hues. Burnt oranges, maple reds, and pinecone browns, they all work together to complete murals and mosaics of woodland retreats.
You can opt for the formal grace of darkly and richly-stained woods, the soft mellow hand-rubbed cabinetry, or boldly shellacked surfaces. It’s perfect for an elegant foyer or the comfort of feet up ottoman pleasures.
Woods will reflect and/or absorb light so you might want to choose your lighting fixtures with that in mind. The Valentina, for instance, brings grace, elegance, and romance to a room. Notched crystals hang for 27.5-inches from the center of an antique brass base. Two tiers of crystals surround that central core at different lengths. And, the crystals multiply the light bouncing off the inner brass.
The fixture is minimalist in its fundamental architecture, yet inspirational in its hints of earlier fashion. It’s geometric yet fluid, so it works well in traditional or contemporary décor. And, its woods will reflect or welcome this chandelier’s light. This makes it perfect for the woodland retreat or “she shack” where you want that touch of something special.
Or, you might prefer the Talin. Glass cylinders perch like hurricane lamps in a circle around its vertical core. The pendant hangs a full 40-inches and the arms spread across 32-inches in a contemporary simplicity. The slim central core and the delicate arms are engineered with industrial joints.
However, the total impression is something early-American with its lantern-like glass. Its clean lines and delicate materials may be modern, but the combination recalls candlelit evenings with a roaring fireside.

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