Navy is the “true blue,” the favorite of royalty, military, school colors, and designers everywhere. Navy blue in fields of blue or accents only is back—bold, regal, and handsome in bed, bath, and kitchen.
Navy is formal, yes, but it also suggests peace, rest, meditation, and more. It can be authoritative or cozy. It balances powder blue and has room for pinks, reds, yellows, and purples. It’s doing what black has done, a sophisticated base offering class and elegance, style and intensity.
You’ll see Navy in rich reflective tiles, matte blue on cabinet doors, or enamels, flats, and lacquers on walls and woodwork. It adds drama where you want it and interest everywhere. It’s also a canvas for other colors and textures, certainly golden brass and bright whites.
Paint your front door with Navy and add brass hardware. Contemplating light fixtures, use Navy in your foyer with a delicate brass pendant. Pull visitors’ eyes into a living room rich with walls painted Navy below a wainscot under a brass and glass chandelier. You’ll engage their thoughts and conversation.
The Avalon pendant light is the perfect match for your Navy palette. It’s an intriguing complex of brass edges. Interlocking cubes puzzle and entertain. The mesmerizing geometric shapes surround six colonial candlesticks.
At 25.5”W x 25.5"L x 27.5"H, Avalon is small enough to hang in sequence in a formal dining room or casual kitchen. But, it’s small and fine enough to brighten a large entrance. The satin gold cubes intertwine to form a globe around the candle-shaped bulbs.
It’s a fresh contemporary spin on the antique, an architecture with meaning. It makes a perfect and nautical contribution to the Navy environment.
Or, consider the powerful look of the Sabina. This matted brass chandelier couldn’t be simpler—or more dramatic. Its wide antique brass band has a 31.5-inch diameter that hangs 27.5-inches by four narrow stems from its base.
But, the crystals are Sabina’s big interest. Crystal “teeth” in varying lengths rise from the top of the band and hang from its bottom. The teeth add ambiance and sophistication to the circle, but when they are lit from LED lights within the brass band, they create a winsome yet dramatic version of the traditional teardrop chandeliers of the past.
Together, the combination of gold and crystal become a light and innovative focal point in a room made formal with its Navy pallet.
Decorating with Navy need not be a challenge if you bank on its versatile and inspiring role in contemporary décor, good on the eye yet moody enough.

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