Metallics come in gold and silver, brass and copper, chrome and aluminum. They are brushed, shined, or acid-washed. And, you’ll find metallics serve as hints, accents, or dominant design elements. It is tough to design an interior without metallics, but it is always a question of balance. You don’t want gaudiness, overstatement, or spit and polish. In contemporary interior design, you do want to blend, mix, and integrate for a new dynamic, especially in lighting.
Take the Jade chandelier, for instance. It barely touches the ceiling with a narrow band of polished nickel. But, its glass dazzles and defines the room. A full 40-inches from top to bottom and 39-inches across, this chandelier drips crystals in varied geometrical shapes, enough variety to exploit the illumination from 35-watt bulbs high in its center.
Each cylinder of glass icicles reflects that light and shares it in sequence with the tiers extending below. The Jade is a sparkling and shimmering inverted wedding cake above your centerpiece.
Or, you might try the Bradford light fixture. Modern in construction and simple in design, the Bradford recalls other eras. Perhaps, the look once lit a 1950 office or a 1930 hallway. But, in satin brass and rippled glass, Bradford has a contemporary look.
Simple and chic, the Bradford pendant is both functional and handsome. It hangs some 40-inches and 32-inches across, almost as large as the Jade. But, Bradford is somehow less dominating and fanciful. Still, it will light and define a conversation, dining, or recreational area.

Metallics still matter!
We have always seen style and luxury in metallics. They suggest scarce resources and artisan crafts. But, technology enables the use of metallics in new fabrics, paints, furniture, accents, and lighting fixtures.
You no longer need a fortune to introduce a design element that looks rich, makes a statement, and engages interest and conversation. In contemporary design trends, metallics bring serenity, refinement, and polish to your home.

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