Geometrics never quite disappear from trends in interior design. Designers must deal with circles, rectangles, triangles, and more. Rooms have shapes and angles. Furniture, accents, and wall treatments all feature geometrics, sometimes bold and sometimes subtle.
But, engaging light fixtures can decide and define a lifestyle and living area. They break up neutral atmospheres, differentiate environments, and create visual interest.
Currently, the geometrics are disappearing from wall treatments, fading into fabrics, and melding with flooring. They are not jumping off the walls, overtaking upholstery, or checkerboarding carpets or tile.
Less has become much more in using light fixtures to dominate the design conversation.
For instance, nothing could be more disciplined than the Upton. Intriguing rectangles within triangles display polished stainless steel and glass. Cubes, 24-inches square, within cubes hang suspended 40-inches from a square base.
Chic in its simplicity, minimalist in its architecture, and fascinating in its intricacy, the Upton brings balance to any design atmosphere. The stainless steel freshens the impression, and the glass -
concealed inner cube seems to hold secrets other than its 40-watt bulbs. It will light a dining room table or conversation corner.
One of our clients positioned the fixture in the hall as an entryway light, welcoming guests while creating a modern and casual atmosphere. It folds neatly into a recessed circle above at the entry to an array of more rectangles.
Or, you might consider the geometric difference with Galjour. A polished nickel rod pierces a profusion of glass for its full 40-inch height ending in a delicate finial globe.
This chandelier uses shields of rough-textured Murano to both baffle and extend the illumination of 40-watt bulbs. The mask of oddly and asymmetrically-sized glass shields create the illusion of layered tiers.
Its effect is finally classic and graceful yet modern and unique. Galjour belongs in a large room with high ceilings because it will pull together the corners and dominate the conversation.
These geometric light fixtures work best when there is a plan and proportion to your rooms. All things must place in balance, and that includes balance with your living patterns. Formal rooms let you add those dramatic touches, but these touches should not dictate your comfort or sense of presence. These fixtures, for instance, bring stunning shapes to your environment, but they do not overrule your personal taste.

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