When you’re discussing interior décor, “vintage” does not mean “old” or “old-fashioned.” It refers to well-selected items from a past era.
Vintage is a flavor or hint of something once well-done. It uses something old, something borrowed, and something pale blue to create an atmosphere. But, the secret lies in an effective combination of things: colors, fabrics, accents, and more. Vintage décor moves old pieces from their expected context into to create a new dynamic.
Vintage does not try to recreate a 1940s living room or a 1950s living room. It picks the best pieces and puts them into new settings. Vintage is not rustic chic or antique; rather, it reinvents and reuses things once thought accessories and accents. It’s not reminiscent or retro; instead, Vintage remakes and repurposes visuals, textures, and materials.
The Caz light fixture is such a reinvention. There’s a touch of Duncan Phyfe quality and elegant simplicity to it. There are memories of Louis XVI lanterns with their upright candlesticks. There are elements of Colonial New England. But, Caz adds something more, dazzling yet subdued.
The antique bronze supports those memories. It hangs 28.25 inches and is candle-thin at 13.5 inches, elongated but narrow enough to hang in a series in a hall or over a bar.
The bronze and lack of frill and fuss create a tall elegance with repeated straight lines in the glass tubes, candles, and central stem. Graceful and new, it owes just enough to the past.
The Madeira chandelier is another thing altogether. This startling lamp is more of an assemblage, a contemporary artwork defying easy description or classification. There’s no apparent architecture here, a see-through mobile with thin strands draped over two circles of satin bronze.
Unadorned 53-watt LED teardrops hang from their suspended sockets in a 30-inch circle 47.25 inches from the ceiling base. It’s simple yet curiously engaging. The composition adds magic to any high-ceilinged room.
Modern and avant-garde as it is, there is the vintage quality in its industrial feel. It may be a function in search of form, or it may be the boldness of it, but there is something old in this new lighting fixture.
Light fixtures like the Caz and Madeira will add interest, visual challenge, and conversation to any room. They are vintage because they do not comply with a theme or tradition. Rather, they make their own statement while lighting your favorite environment.

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