A monochromatic interior does not mean everything is the same color. It means a room has a dominant color theme. Everything is an approximation or version of that color. Things complement the color choice or contrast in a fitting way.
Opting for the monochromatic approach works towards streamlining your interior. Using a dominant color in many hues and tints brings things together. It adds system, balance, and unity to the room.
Using different versions of the same base color creates its own pattern, an impression that usually expands the interior’s impression. Your paint store will provide color samples that fall within the same family, colors darker and lighter than the color of choice.
But, to avoid the interior going flat or seeming claustrophobic in a single color, you must dare to add lighting design elements that pop out from the single background shade.
The Maddox chandelier, for example, comes in brown, aluminum, and glass. Gorgeous Murano glass arms arc gracefully from the bowl at the bottom of this fixture. The glass reflects and distributes the light from the eleven lamps.
But, it’s the stunning dark brown linen shades offer a robust color addition to rooms using select shades of the brown palette. It contrasts—without disrupting—other brown backgrounds and accents. In some magical way, the contrast becomes part of the rhythm.
The Maddox, with its sweeping candelabra arms and shades, hangs broadly across 49-inches and hands 29.5-inches from the ceiling.
Then, there’s the starkly white and crystal Pina. Crystal balls tumble from the center of the bottom of this white fabric shell. As they fall, they bring more light from the hidden lamps. There is something calming in the strikingly traditional shade and something suddenly surprising in the crystal.
The very architecture of this light fixture mixes your visual impression to make its dominant white scheme fresh and unique. It works well in a predominantly white room, a black-themed room, or against any darker shade you can imagine.
It hangs a dramatic 40-inches from its polished chrome base and 26-inches across to make a statement wherever used. But, it is those dangling crystal balls that engage guests and start a conversation.
Stunning monochromatic interiors challenge and intrigue the eye. They create, expand, and play with mood. And, they have more than enough room for something offbeat and attractive.

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