“Customization” is a play on words. It can mean personalization like a monogrammed blouse. It can mean a theme you prefer like floral or paisley patterns. Or, it can mean giving customers what they want.
Interior designers must comply with their customers’ wishes, of course, but the best of them build a relationship with their clients. That relationship narrows the directions the designer might take. A good example would be the designer who proposes a sofa you like but then suggests a fabric that makes the match perfect.
Contemporary homeowners and interior designers have the liberty to choose individual items from so many different styles or era. And, they have earned permission to add a touch here, combine elements there, or tie everything together with a well-chosen palette.
Take the Sahan lighting fixture for example. On its own, it is starkly abstract, a rambling piece of art. However, in context, it is an engineered work of art. It is a piece of sculpture, a mobile.
As a pendant light fixture, its form meets function, generating light in all the right places while still engaging and intriguing the eye.
Gold finished metal arms join and hinge with other arms with a mid-Century modern and Industrial style. This artwork hangs an imposing 69.3-inches from your ceiling and 38.1-inches across to catch anyone’s attention in a high-ceilinged room or gallery.
All lines and angles, the Sahan’s arms end in flame-shaped bulbs inside delicate crackled glass globes. The magic—blending the illumination from the bulbs, the polished gold finish, and the spectacular glass—brightens and defines this sculptured lighting fixture.
Ursa, on the other hand, takes a different direction. It’s far more disciplined and formal than the Sahan. Eight arms jut from its round core, canted slightly at different angles, and leading to softly rounded triangles. The base, shaft, arms, and triangles are either black pearl chrome or matte acid black to create just enough variety to bring texture to the art.
At 51.25-inches wide and 19.75-inches high, Ursa is disciplined fun with each curve mocking its rigid geometrics. So, what you have is a fixture suitable for a modern dining or living room or a business foyer or conference room.
Now, the skilled interior decorator, professional or homeowner, has the knack for fitting the fixture to the customer, matching unusual items with more conventional elements to capture a personal style. That’s what customization is all about!

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