The power of glass lies in the ability to touch what we cannot see. It is as fragile as an illusion, and it can be shattered just as easily.
Its transparency is inviting. Its infinite malleability is engaging. Its ability to color, shade, and distort horizons is challenging. Glass can define space in interiors, reflect images and light, and/or engage eye and mind with function and form.
Other than its brittle fragility, glass is an infinitely useful material. It has endless potential for transforming space in physical and aesthetic terms. And, there is its power: glass makes things happen despite its vulnerability.
And, where there is glass, there is light! Writing for Forbes, Marcelle Sussman Fischler says, “Casting your home in the right light is like creating a work of art.” Glass will invite the outside in, optimize natural light, and enhance your lighting strategy.
Loren, for example, is a unique chandelier that brings movement indoors. A delicate circle hangs 40-inches from the ceiling on almost invisible polished nickel. Delicate curving glass threads itself in a circle. Puffs and wisps of sculpted glass float in the air for a rich and contemporary statement.
The magic and intrigue are especially engaging and attractive at night, lighting and defining the room with innovative beauty and captivating magic.
Bacchus, on the other hand, is a wall mounted sconce. Its shape is simple, but the glass adds beauty and sophistication. The grooved glass columns function to extend the illumination, but they also engage with their delicate sophistication.
One of the wonders of sconces is that they just insist on being placed in pairs or series. The Bacchus is just 12-inches high and 8-inches wide in polished nickel and clear glass. It’s modern, but the glass design keeps it from being minimalist.
Pair the Bacchus beside an artwork, a bathroom mirror, along a gallery or stairway for that touch of mystery and illusion.
In traditional décor, lighting fixtures were often hidden by shades. There were exceptions. Glass made lanterns functional and classic. Class icicles and teardrops multiplied the power of chandeliers.
But, new glass fixtures are bringing us out of the shade. Artists turn glass into shapes with new functions, new textures, and new experiences. Standalone fixtures like the Loren offer stunning visual experiences while the Bacchus is a new way to provide task lighting in new contexts. Glass has become a significant architectural and decorative material and feature with unlimited potential.

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