The lighting in your kitchen can be complex. Most kitchens are positioned to invite natural light. Most have light-colored appliances, and most have task lighting over sinks, ranges, and preparation areas.
Adding a signature light fixture that captures your vision and plans for the kitchen décor can be challenging. Contemporary homes favor floor plans that open kitchens to dining and living areas. So, selecting the right fixture can make or break your interior design plans.
Planning often focuses on color, metals, and tile work, and those visual elements will continue to fashion the kitchen. But, lighting enhances those choices, bounces off those surfaces, and sets tone and mood. The selection of lighting fixtures for kitchen décor must provide service as well as engaging appearance.
Form follows kitchen function
Most kitchens want lighting above counters and/or work islands. So, track lighting and pendants are popular with pendants often placed in multiples. Larger kitchens that open to the dining areas want light above the dining table whether it is casual or formal.
If your lamp will light your table, you should select a pendant or chandelier for the diameter of the light it disperses. Lamps, regardless of their architecture, tend to light in a rounded shape.
So, you should shop for the relationship between the diameter of the light thrown to the shape and size of the table.
Form adds inspiration to your kitchen décor
“Form” can refer to the utilitarian needs of any kitchen. But, it also refers to the architecture and design of your choice. The Eden, for example, is a stunning and interesting modern design just right for a rectangular or elongated oval table.
Eden’s glass shapes hang at irregular lengths up to 40-inches. Polished nickel stems support ten spot ribbed-glass pendants from a narrow 40-inch ceiling base. Sophisticated and cool in design, the Eden lights your kitchen dining area with a contemporary vibe.
Like Eden, the Jade fixture is polished nickel and glass, and it hangs 40-inches and 39-inches across. But, its texture and arrangement are uniquely elegant and serene. Curtains of ribbed-hexagonal glass tubes fall in concentric circles at three lengths with the longest marking the center.
Jade has all the flamboyance and grace of a formal chandelier, but it comes in the distinctly modern geometry and functionality making rich and personal statements in a modern kitchen and dining décor. Jade makes a perfect fit for a round table from breakfast time through a formal sit-down dinner.

Eden and Jade offer classic elegance, but each is just a bit different, different enough to say what you want in a unique way, to engage your guest’s attention, and to serve their practical function in your kitchen lighting style and décor.

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